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Young-N-Entertainment is a hip-hop label that I have came up with years ago. It involves teaching kids the opposite of what they learn today through the mainstream media. I’ve lived

the life of the hood and I’ve seen what it does close and personal. From having my friend shot next to me, to multitude of friends either being in jail, and unfortunately many have paid the ultimate price…death. Including two ex girlfriends, one who overdosed and one who got on drugs and then became a prostitute and was murdered. I have sold drugs, I’ve been shot at, I’ve seen people die, and that last look in their eyes when their pupils dilate is something you will never forget. The life of a thug is nothing as they portray on Music videos, radio, and any other type of musical outlet that promotes the selling of drugs and being a Thug. It’s time that we educate our youth and tell them the truth. We must stop letting them think that dealing drugs is their only opportunity in this world. The one thing no one can ever take away from you was knowledge. Always remember knowledge is power. No matter where you’re from, or what you’ve been through, you can always come out a better person. You can never change the past, but you can always change the future! There are many things that I believe need to be changed in The way that we treat our felons. The reason why we have such a high repeat offender list is because they get out and believe that they have no other options. I mean after all who wants to hire a multiple felon no matter if they’ve paid their due to society? I advocate for what I call the “7 year felon law” ™️. What I mean by this is that if you are able to stay out of trouble for seven years and you have not committed any major crimes such as murder, being a sexual predator, or violent crimes. That you should have all constitutional rights be reinstated and the only person that should be able to ever look at them again should be a judge. This right here would give felons the opportunity and not just that but the goal to want to achieve something in their lives. No longer would they get out of prison and think to themselves “what am I going to do?” Nine times out of 10 the answer to that question is going back to the same old thing they’ve always done in the same old thing they’ve always known. Instead of that let’s give them a goal. Actually truly reform them and let them have something to work towards. I bet you anything not only with the crime rate go down, but overtime or incarceration rate would go down extremely. This causes the taxpayers so much money to keep people incarcerated for years upon end. Can you just imagine if we were to be able to reform them and give them a goal to work for where they actually believe that they have a chance in life again? Again I state there will be exceptions such as murder, child molest station or pedophilia, and certain other things of course that lawmakers would have to agree upon. Also why I call it the seven-year felon Law doesn’t mean that in the end Congress would agree to a seven-year term. It may be 10 years, but either way as a Fallon would you not work and stay out of trouble knowing that you had that goal to get all of your constitutional rights back? When I say, all of your constitutional rights. I mean all of your constitutional rights! Yes that means including owning a gun. As long as you have not had any violence in your background, selling of drugs (depending on nature) or as I stated other certain stipulations that I am sure Congress would love to go over. Then why not? One mistakes such as we saw with General Flynn and your a felon for life. You lose constitutional rights that most of us take for granted every day. Including those rights to bear arms. I don’t believe that that should be done unless there is an absolute reason as to why you should not own a firearm. Just as I believe in commonsense reforms such as you should have to take a test before you were able to buy a firearm to prove you are responsible firearm owner. We do not allow people to drive on the roads without taking a test, or practice law without taking a test and so forth etc. just because you turn 18 does not give you the right to automatically bear arms of my opinion. I grew up around guns therefore I was taught at a young age to learn how to respect every firearm as if they are loaded even if they are not and you know it. One thing we have done over the years with all of this PC nonsense is made it to where no longer do we teach our children the actual truth about proper firearm safety and that you should never own a gun unless you have the respect for a gun. To few respect the awesome power of a firearm and do not realize what It can do until they actually pull the trigger. I am a proud supporter of the Second Amendment as well as many other things in which I would probably sound as though I don’t support. What it all boils down to is like I said #CommonSenseReforms

1.) The Truth For The Yout3.) tom – 2:25:18, 9.18 PM