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Texas Bombing suspect IS DEAD!!!

It appears as though the Austin,Texas bomber suspect has done the cowardly act of killing himself as the cops closed in on him. Of course he would do that! These type of cowards always seem to take that way out. They would never go out in a blaze of bullets, or actually fight it out like a fighter or soldier does!  They either take the easy road and shoot themselves, blow themselves up, as in this case, or surrender right away! Remember they’re cowards…POINT BLANK PERIOD! I would not doubt if this had something to do with terrorism because of the cell phone tracing. I say this only because I believe the CIA would be involved or the NSA in tracing that so easily.  The FBI usually has to go through the proper channels and takes more time than the CIA or NSA would as they have… more laxed capabilities let’s say.



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Fwd: GM Debra,

Please visit the attached link and watch the story, Ted White did for my 501(C)(3) Non-profit organization; Care Managers Of South Florida.

Please visit my FB page (Pat Fedina) and read my posts from last week. You will see how excite the youth and their parents are about our new Summer Community Service program. They are willing to do whatever they can possibly do to help keep the program active.

Please share this info, we are praying someone with their own available office space or building will help us out for the summer or until we find a grant writer and receive the founds needed for us to have our own office or building. I just sent this text to some other people.

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