This isnt JFK’s Democratic party….its sad when Barrack Obama is telling his party to “chill”.

JFK. One of Americas arguably greatest President. He stopped the world going to war during the October ordeal with Castro and Russia. Imagine if LBJ had been President at that point? He was all for what his generals and NSC members wanted when it came to the industrial military complex. So had cooler heads not prevailed with President Kennedy we would had most assuredly went to war using the cold war and our still nuclear weapons options playbook. Do you know what that was called? “M.A.D” or Mutually Assured Destruction….. see Kennedy was one of the few exceptions we have had as President’s. Him along with Lincoln and now even President Trump all were considered outsiders and to some “a threat to the elites and their better ideas πŸ™„ on how the world should be delt with by America and its foreign policies”. Thus after Kennedy was assassinated πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ‘ we then almost immediately went from having on adviser’s on the ground. To actually sending in ground troops. A doomed war and failure that was know since 1954 and with something called the Pentagon Papers. Released years later and during the near end of the war they simply stated that Robert Macnamara and others in the intelligence community knew all along they could not win the war….ever. The paper laid out in plain statistics that they felt it was 10% for the push back and fight against communist in the world while it was 90% to save face of the embarrassment of those who kept sending troops and bombs killing millions and over 58,000 American troops. Sadly what Kennedy could had done with his smarter tactics and independent thinking was instead snuffed out on that fateful day in Dallas. No matter what your opinion is on “what really happend to JFK” the fact is after his assassination all the fears he AND HIS BROTHER (who btw also knew of the existence of the Pentagon Papers and was going to reveal the truth before HIS ASSASSINATION) hmmmm anyways ….the facts are the facts and that is immediately when LBJ took office the generals were thrilled and he gave them all they asked for that they didn’t get when Kennedy was calling the shots. Ground Troops, aircraft carriers for support, and billions of dollars spent on either military equipment or propping up the puppet governments that changed weekly in Vietnam. Does this not sound familiar? Even though that was a hard lesson apparently we didn’t learn anything about ideologies and insurgencies. That being we pretty much took the exact same game plan to another part of the world….the middle east….and we are still there. Sure our numbers of troops isnt anywhere near those of Vietnam. The damage done will be felt for another generation. Especially to those who lived in the region and were displaced, killed by collateral damage, or became radicalized due to mistakes made in trying to force our democracies on other countries. We cannot repeat the past by doing something we know doesn’t work ever. 1.) People who are “insurgents” tend to be the host countries militia/army who will fight and die by the hundreds of thousands to achieve their independence.

2.) When it comes to ideologies you just cannot beat it. You CAN’T BEAT A IDEA! You kill one terrorist and another 10 may pop up due to a multitude of of reasons.

3.) We seem to have a tradition of training our enemies. We worked with Ho Chi Minh with the OSS ( Precursor to CIA ) then did it again with Usama Bin Laden. Not only that we tend to even arm them only to later fight them. ISIS was a build up the success of the “Surge” during 06-08 in which we paid local militias and town officials to be soldiers. Well when the money started to dry up and Obama was elected a struggle began as Sunnis and Shia religious leaders felt one was having more power than others in the elected Iraqi government. Eventually the factions split and the harder radicalized people formed what became ISIS. They also had tons of money left to support it because WE GAVE IT TO THEM. During the Bush years money was handed out like candy to stop the violence. AND IT WORKED LOL until the drawback on Troops and no more mass cash handouts during Obama’s take over. So that with religious and political beliefs started the mess of ISIS. Either way the point is we must learn from our past mistakes as to not make them in the future and maybe listen when JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you? Ask what you can do for your country.”

#UnitedWeStand #DividedWeFall #TheBalance #WatchForTheSigns #KAG #MAGA @foxnews #Truth #MAGA2020 #KAG2020

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