Job happiness 2nd highest since board meter was created!

So you can see that not only is our economy at a all time high, but obviously as stated. It has went from 2.7% to 53,7%! So are we still going to sit here and say this is all Obama’s economic bounce back theory and that our President Donald Trump had nothing to do with it? If you still believe that I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell ya dirt cheap. Then again those who would argue the point still believe Hillary Clinton is innocent even tho she broke all those hard drives into tiny pieces and bleach bit them. Yeah that doesn’t cry out suspicious. I mean we could on and on back and forth with banter fir days about the famous “Clintons” and their scandals, but let’s choose to take the high road for a minute. The facts still point to a well ran economy and lowest numbers of unemployment on all fronts almost in history! Not to mention that now the numbers are showing people are happier too, wow , happier people at work? That’s almost gotta be a first. The number is ridiculous in itself. 2.7 to 53.7% that’s a huge increase of happy workings. Which also implies to me…are they happy to just have a job again? Is it the fact that they can get a job in the field where before they couldn’t because of the job situation? Question that need answers for sure. However, one things for sure. We have not only a high GDP and thriving economy , but happy people to be working the jobs they are blessed to have. That combined with our climbing ambitions to be no. 1 again makes the outlook for America’s future a very bright one!

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