P.A.V.E. (Parents Against Violence Everywhere)

Basically growing up as a older youth and coming from small town Iowa. I learned quick the ways of the streets. I mean this in the most profound way and sense of the words to be “street smart” I was always educationally conscious, but street smarts took sometime to adjust to. It wasn’t until I was about 14 just turning 15 that I saw my first get shot. After that life and death became something of a regular feeling deep writhin your gut. Each day was a blessings and I have many friends, ex-girlfriends and others who didn’t make it..πŸ˜”πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Their loss though hasn’t strengthened my resolve to be the total opposite of what I was and change all aspects of my life for the better. What I want is to start a afterschool program where kids feel like they have a place to be whatever it is they want. From learning how to record and mix music to tutoring those in subjects they need help in. Most of all ensuring that the youth of today becomes the future of tomorrow and makes it a better place for us all. I want to ensure the parents that their children will be safe and even have a off duty volunteer cop to drive all of them home. Then walk them to their doors.
My dream is to keep others from going through what I went through. The kid’s today talk about safe spaces, but don’t even realize kids are dying everyday from stray bullets and other craziness. This goes unreported because of the locations of where it happens. That is not right and I wish to make it more of a public issue in places like the south and west side of Chicago and Rockford Illinois.

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