Iran shoots U.S. drone out of international airspace. Fox News link

So basically as I’ve laid out previously in my blogs and post about the rising tensions between the United States and Iran. This is a complex issue , as is the region itself. Mostly countries that do not stay consistent on much besides their religion and how and who can practice it. The reason why Iran would stir the “Hornets nest” so to speak is because as I stated in a previous article. These are all Nation States with directives and actions from other countries. However, if they are not careful with this President and take #DonaldTrump for a person who doesn’t believe in tit for tat. Well they are in for a rude awaking. The MOAB or mother of all bombs has enough power to destroy a city the size of 150,000. So that being the case and since it isn’t Nuclear…..well I’d say it’s fair game on verified military targets of opportunity. Always good to remind your geopolitical foes that you won’t be pushed around lol.

Now as I was saying…..for instance….take North Korea as a perfect example. It is never going to give up its nuclear weapons for ANYTHING. Yet they know they can stall us with ….frankly a bunch of shite and major #bs . This would be to keep the eyes focused on them, rather than their much more powerful allies like China and Russia. Turkey and Iran might as well be the same. Turkey is a NATO country in name only. In reality they are another buffer or ” Nation State” in which to keep eyes focused on them. This while our bigger foes build up its military and make trades with them as well for what is to happen…. for this long, long, long New Cold/LukeWarm war that’s about to take place. If I’m correct , and thusly have been so far, these countries I have named. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran,Turkey, and even Syria will be a new East vs West style of a Cold/LukeWarm War front. Same as in the South Pacific and Asian countries and markets. Japan , South Korea, Guam, ect will be our main line of defense against this aggression. While simultaneously we will build up a new military might in not only strongholds such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan and others to combat the threat in the middle east, but also in all Eastern NATO countries including the Ukraine and stretching up to Poland. As I stated before, unless something different happens, I foresee a long, long, long, and hard …..New Cold war.πŸ˜”βœŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€πŸŒ …. P.S. Snowflakes….your screwed lol

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