Chemical attacks in Syria leave Western countries concerned once again.

So apparently Assad once again thinks he can get away with chemically gassing his own people. What was once a peaceful demonstration started against a fascist regime. Has now turned into one of the bloodiest civil wars of our time. Sad to see that less wasnt done to begin with. Now with Russia and the other proxies of Nation States like Iran, Turkey and even Iraq. It has become a country with no flyover zones, daily bombardments, bullet riddle corpses and children dying from the air they breathe. My take militarily is that if we had gone in and tried to secure it by backing the “rebels” it would had given us more strength in the MiddleEast region. Which now is attempt to being dominated by Russia and China in the background of places such as Syria ,Iran, and Turkey. Eastern NATO countries will need more deployments as well as to all Pacific region countries that are allies. My opinion only. I mean we did just scramble F-22 fighter jets to escort long range bombers from Russia.

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