London on a bad day..Chiraq on a good one sadly…

Here’s my deal and feelings towards this and other place like Australia and Great Britain That these are all relatively smaller than our country. Not to mention that to attempt to infringe on a second amendment right would only further divide this nation which is exactly what people like Putin and president Xi of China want. Their plans working perfectly. On the U.K. they want to  an knifes because stabbing is at a all time high. People human nature is what it is and people who are evil will kill no what you do to try and stop it. So while we fall to the pages of history and possibly see major conflicts and destruction with the development of new technologies. As do all great empires throughout history. However, if you believe in what America is about. If you stand for your flag at the national anthem. Well then it’s time we start to push back towards these liberal lies and agendas. Remember ” A house divided cannot stand” Abraham Lincoln. Wake up and realize that its either all for one or one for nothing. For that is what is truly what will #MAGA #UnitedWeStand #DividedWeFall #TheBalance 

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