The magic wand of “Trump”

Anyone who actually paid attention to the 2016 election saw these words from Obama’s mouth.

Bam! The economy took a huge drive forward the election night after it was sure none other than Donald Trump was going to win. Now why is it that our economy not only thrived , but flourished over the next several years? Let’s go ahead and take out “Main Stream Politics of Washington Insiders and Inside New York Stock Traders” . Anyone with a commonsense notion of the world saw in the candidate Donald Trump. Someone that was successful, charming even if sometimes offensively to others lol , business savvy, a new outlook towards the future of America while still holding American Values at heart. In truth they saw a person who you could easily understand his position and believe too that he would fulfill these goals. This takes me back to the stocks booming election night and forward. You see you had all these companies, that even if they had bet on Hillary Clinton’s campaign financially, their stocks still swayed to whoever won and their political preferences. In our President #DonaldTrump they saw a winner. Someone who understood how to run successful business and with a business’s interest. Which had been sadly ignored down to the small businesses on mainstreet causing so many to lose jobs , pride , income, and bring in drugs, gangs, and poverty. Rockford,Β  Illinois was once the most industrious city for its size in the world. Now it’s another sad tale of drugs, prostitution, corruption, and filth. It’s a “MiniChiRaq” with a homicide rate that is one of the top in the nation for its size and unsolved homicide rates that are ridiculous. Empty factories dwarf the town. Graffiti of gang signs are all over this once majestic and prideful town of rock bands like “Cheap Trick” and “REO Speedwagon” . What Donald Trump has done for America since his election is something Hillary Clinton could have never accomplished. He gave us hope to endure. He told us that yes, America will be great again! We took out the parts of his tone we knew he would keep his word on and he did! While even having all the stones and boulders hurled his way. He still has managed to do his job not only to his best ability,Β  but greatly for anyone under the pressure and constant attack he takes daily. In short in the end I will say to those who doubt this man to look at his track record so far and see how he compares to most. To my President I say thank you Sir. To my fellow Americans I say please stop the DIVISIVENESS and stand UNITED. Remember “Evil prevails when good PEOPLE sit by idly and do nothing”

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