The Guns of the future.


This looks just like something out of COD (Call of Duty) and while it may have its ups and downs. My main question and concern is A. Does it work when the batteries run out , but still function as a regular weapon would. B. Is this something that for the price ,which I’m sure is ridiculous,Β  that’s going to be worth it. Perhaps if your a police officer or in the army. Finally C. Unless there is a finger print identification unlock function. What does this do to lower gun violence? Almost all #MassShootings have been committed by legal owner gun owners. So it isn’t the #Guns fault. It’s the vetting of the people who buy, are issued licenses and KEEP ALLOWING TO BE SLIPPED THROUGH THE CRACKS. When multiple people seem to be saying things yet it only comes out after the horrific consequences of non action done by those who could had done something. I believe like in #Israel. We need people in the gun stores to take training on whether or not to sell a firearm to a person based upon their facial expressions, words said, treating the weapon irresponsibly. I do believe If you want to own a #Gun you should have to take a class just like a #CCW permit class with a instructor ( great job for ex-military, police ect ) who have also taken courses for identifying factors that cause alarm.

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