The Redeploying of our Military Assets in the changing world.


So not so long back I laid out the idea that us pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan was because we wanted to change our geopolitical strategy in the world. I laid the theory of us taking this military money and budget passed and redeploying to all Eastern NATO countries and the whole Pacific region of the south China Sea and beyond. It seems I was correct as this photo and link above is clearly stating. The new “Cold War” will be our NATO Allies against Russia , China , Turkey , Iran , and if not watched carefully perhaps some South American countries. Venezuela is becoming very friend with China and Russia. Our new “Cuban Missile Crisis” could happen relatively easily. Either way this is just a opinion and what does separate the USA from everyone else will depend on it’s new Space Force. DARPA and other research companies starting back up the “Star Wars” program and thus causing another “MAD” or Mutually Assured Destruction plan of action. Money to try and outspend the enemy. Only this time I don’t think we would come out on top by attempting a Arms Race with the countries I’ve stated above. All we can do for now is pray and hole our President Donald Trump keeps up his dukes to show the world we won’t be bullied or bullshited.



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