Tucker Carlson and Ed Henry discuss the way people treat Trump supporters!

Over the past two plus years we have seen more division in this country than the Vietnam war era and coming close to the civil war era. Lots like to compare Lincoln to Donald Trump. I happen to agree. Both were hated by the Democrats and both were hated for doing what they knew in their hearts,bodies, and souls to be right. “We start and end with equality” as Lincoln put it and he was right. Unfortunately the division of today has caused more hatred and the talks of racism back into the mainstream media. We all know this is a ploy to tried and conquer and divide our union, however the American Populous is not the ignorant. They can read between the BS that is being said and printed everyday. For the ones who can’t, well for the most part all you have to do is talk to them or ask them simple questions involving economics, basic civics, or even alot of the time the people they claim to support. Point being they seem to know little to nothing about….well nothing Haha. When you see our young men and women who try and debate or discuss their own ideas or ideologies they are labeled as “Racist” or “Uneducated backwoods people”. Funny thing tho is that these “Rascist , backwood folk” are usually all more educated in every sense of the word than any city person or sadly even those in colleges. So I ask you America to sit down and think logically and with commonsense about the issues at hand. Be honest and just tell the truth. The truth is you hate Donald Trump and that’s IT PERIOD! REPLACE HIS NAME WITH ANY LIBERAL AND EVERYTHING HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED WOULD BE PRAISED BY ALL AND EVERY CABLE NEWS STATION. If you think this to be untrue, well I challenge you to go over all his achievements, BUT YOU REPLACE HIS NAME WITH OBAMA. HMMM ironic how much a name or person can make people turn around and lie with such hypocrisy! Stay true America , stay strong, but above all stay United.


Thomas Leigh.

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