President Trump Speaks In Support On Covington Catholic Students behalfs…

So as usual we saw another rush to judgement on the part of the main stream media. Oh well what else is new right? Well truth is that those kids lives will be affected not only horrible for probably the next couple years, but way down the road when they apply for jobs or a mortgage even a loan. If you think those who are in charge of departments that issues things of this nature are completely 100 percent neutral then you need a lesson in humanity and free will. See I dont care if your a Judge, Police Officer, or a simple customer service representative for a cable company. The fact remains YOUR A HUMAN BEING. One thing that has taught us over time is that no matter how unbiased you may try and be, ultimately it can and does affect your decision making. It affects whether you get 3 months of free service because someone screwed up and you complained. It is affected when you a Cop you know realizes you aren’t a trouble maker and gives you a break instead of taking you to jail on something petty. It most certainly affects the way a Judge sentences you and sees you as a person, thus we have conflict of interest for a reason people. The thing is that when people rush to judge ” a book by its cover aka a MAGA Hat” in this case wow anyways. It then has tarnished that person for the rest of his or her life. No matter what people will always either believe one thing or the other and never care about the A. Facts B. Person you really are C. What happend or aka THE TRUTH. People need to stop the hatred in this country before we destroy ourselves from within. That would be the ultimate truth of idiocracy for real.

Thomas Leigh

Leigh Enterprises

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