When “The Trump” comes out in Trump.

So what did we just see happen as far as with the reaction at the end of the news conference there with our President Donald J. Trump ? I think it’s finally starting to just get to him like it would any of us right ? I mean honestly think about it people ? Could you ? Would you honestly have lasted this long? Taking this many punches ? Having this many constant attacks from every corner of every area you could imagine ? You not only have to take it consistently day in and day out. Sometimes from your own party on the right and always from the #FakeNews , but you also deal with the most hypocritical left-sided Democratic Party ever. Add on top of that a dash of #FakeRussianCollusion narrative and a blend of special counsel designed especially to look into every aspect of your life and personal detail of your past and you have an ulcer and stroke on a platter for most people. Oh here’s the kicker where it gets truly funny and a sideshow for the public to watch tax money wasted and lies spread….I guarantee YOU THIS…. every single one of you that this even gets a glance at has done one thing in their life illegal or federally illegal trust me. I don’t care what you think. You may not think it, but you have I kid you not. Perhaps your doctor or nurse and you discussed with your husband or wife about a patient that you didn’t even name, however you discussed their specifics about their case and just how it bothered you or something about that. Well whoops…ouch sorry that’s against the law. Maybe you owned a gun and shot one before you could legally. I am sure many young Americans grew up on farms and in rural areas such as myself can attest and state that they shot a .22 around 11-12 or other guns learning proper firearm safety and how to respect a firearm. Well……technically that’s illegal. You have to be 18 to own a rifle and 21 to own a pistol. Now I know they have hunter safety in schools and stuff in rural areas , but I am just trying to emphasize my point. These special councils are set up for one thing and one thing only. To find any and all things in anyone’s lives to try to destroy it and break them down and apart. They leak things into the media on purpose or do things like raid your private attorneys office when they know they should never violate those rights! They do these things to try and bring you down both physically and mentally. You see both are connected and therefore if you can affect one you will affect the other as well. So if you goal is to take down the President then if you are dealing with someone who is affected by anxiety like people are normally then you would had seen this president crack a long time ago. However , this is not like any other Presidents or ordinary person. This is Donald J. Trump. The man who wrote “The Art Of The Deal” . You don’t sweat him out he sweats you out see. That’s how this game works with “lets play who blinks first”. You see how well he is running the country. The economy has turned around in record pace and jobs are actually returning for once! Even in the world we saw as thought about nothing but terrorism for the last 8 years has at last now come to the destruction of ISIS and it’s uprising within his first year and it seems but a faded thing of the past. We are looking to bigger problems and issues now and it seems like a thing of but little consequence compared to the problems he is trying to solve now doesn’t it? Also and most importantly look how well his children turned out! That alone should tell you a lot about how this person is defied and how they have lived their life as a “human being” in general . Has he made mistakes in his past? Sure, but haven’t we all? If you haven’t ever committed a sin then by all means go ahead and throw thy holy stones at us sinners because I know I am no saint, however I also know I do not have a plot awaiting me in hell either. Such as this thing with “Stormy Daniels”….I mean seriously people….first of all he hardly the first nor will he be the last president to have ever done such an act or many have done far worse and well-known for #JFK. We don’t try and think any less of him for his acts with Marilyn Monroe and countless others in and out of the Whitehouse while he was married? This is all a matter of perception designed to keep you focused and your attention on this story over here 👈 so you don’t notice the #Truth over here 👈 . That’s the real #FakeNews #RealTalk . See the art of #Perception has been Kenley developed over the years by government and finely tuned to an art form in itself. Now when it decides it doesn’t want the president it has elected thru it’s free election process. Well it uses those same arts of perception and deception once used for other purposes to try to topple the President himself from within. This is what they call the #DeepState …the underlying government that sways the pendulum in the direction it wants. So you may ask yourself? How is it that when we got the House and the senate that the Democratic’s still are somehow able to hold such a major sway over decisions and bills being passed? Why is it to be frank…so damn ass backwards when they Obama is out and Trump is in??Well to to be honest and sincere about it…He isn’t one of them. That’s what makes him so great! He is the type of guy that can go from sitting in his limo to standing by you at a bus stop and strike up a conversation about something in common because he is a man of the people. Born into wealth or not he has become who he is by being a person who can connect and have conversations with almost anyone. I mean when you think about it… What is negotiating and deal making if not but a art of conversing? It is nothing more than another form of perception and another way of logically solving problems with mathematical algorithms. Only using words and phases you insert A phase you know works with B phase + C for the equation of D scenario if you want to put it into such terms🤔🙄🤪 lol. Anyways inclusion with my long blog and rant I suppose I will just say what we saw at end of the news conference tonight was “The Trump” come out in @realDonaldTrump because like us all he is human too. Perhaps too many us forget that…remember there is only so much one person can take , let alone a person who does what he does at his age , and the hours he works putting the work he puts in. For what America? Think about that …..why do this to himself. Obviously it wasn’t to get Rich or for selfish actions because if it was he clearly hidden that one pretty well. He donates his salaries, plus his hotels incomes from foreign countries (don’t quote me on that one but I believe so) as well as puts up with the major BS he does on a daily basis. He is a pretty smart man obviously. So ergo one has to think he would had seen things like this coming so he knew he would be taking cheap shots at. So not for fame obviously….(pretty sure that’s why he tried to keep the whole Stormy Daniels thing down with hush money which SHE GLADLY ACCEPTED) I would have to conclude that in the end he did this for one reason and one reason only and that’s the same reason he has spoke about for many years. That’s you #America ! He did this because America was on a one way path to gutter and he saw this and could not sit by idly anymore and do nothing! Remember always ” Evil prevails when good men sit by idly and do nothing” #Truth #MAGA #RealTalk

Respectfully as always America,

Thomas Leigh

Sorry if there are any mistakes I will be reading this and edit it. Just thought I’d get it out tonight….


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