For every action there is always a reaction… Isaac Newton

As we see what’s happening in the Middle East we must think. Will this just be the start? As China and it’s ever progression of military might grow in the Asian peninsulas. How long do we think it will be until we have a group of socialist/communist and extremist who will ultimately join with each other? What is think about this for a second. Russia is a communist country no matter what it says. It’s leader was a former KGB agent. It wants nothing more than to spread its former glory of the Soviet union. China has very similar goals if they see the United States fighting on multiple fronts they may just decide it is their turn to join the world powers by joining with our major enemies. We could end up with 1/2 of the world versus the other. The mathematical equations of that alone ending without nuclear outcome are very slim. Our president made the correct choice, however choices always have consequences. Let us pray that these countries blink before we ever do. There is no doubt America’s military is the best on earth. Yet when we have been stretched thin for so many years continually solving the worlds problems. You end up getting what we have been seeing. That is that we have worn out equipment, not enough experienced soldiers to fight/pilot them, and finally if you think the millennial’s that we have today or the snowflakes in my opinion are in any way capable of doing anything involving more other than playing call of duty. Well let’s just say I have my doubts. Personally I believe that if you were to put them in the middle of a forest that was 2 miles away from the highway without their phone they would end up dying of starvation just because they did not know what to do and only because they decided to sit there and expect help just to come. This is the United States were united we stand or divided we will fall. Where we do not allow moral injustices such as what we saw in the Holocaust. This has been going on for many years. I first started getting into it when a friend of mine Alaa Basatneh first had her special on Netflix called #ChicagoGirl. Since then I washed and seen more than enough people die that I have not only talked with, but I had thought I had become friends with in that region. All this would’ve been solved had Obama never let them cross that #RedLine . The blood of all those innocents who died is solely on #Bashar al-Assad hands as well as #Obama. Had he done what he should had done then in Syria. Russia would’ve never came in, but they saw him for what he was….a pushover and #GangsterInASuite which is probably why him and #Putin got along so well. My fear is not the moral outcome we should’ve done this long ago way before President #Trump was ever president. He has nothing but a pure heart, and love for those who cannot help themselves. He is the definition of what a true President should always be. However, it is very hard to clean up a mess that it’s become so messy you have no idea where to start. Yet this is a different president than what anyone is used to. He himself is an amazing man and no matter what anyone says. He was never supposed to win and that is a fact. It was by divine intervention only. The reason he won was because the world needed a leader such as him right now. Had he not won we would be on a path of distraction. It would’ve been at the very least four more years of Obama’s same strategic outcomes and we all saw what that did. NOTHING. People just do not understand or even see what President Trump has done in the last year and a half. If he was any other president they would praise him like he was the best thing since sliced bread. Our economy is great, employment for every different race is low in fact at the lowest it’s been ever for most, women unemployment at the lowest and 18 to 19 years, and GDP I mean come on people look at all that’s been done and yet you still want to believe the #MS our economy is great, employment for every different race is low in fat at the lowest it’s been ever for most, women unemployment at the lowest and 18 to 19 years, and GDP I mean come on people look at all that’s been done and yet you still want to believe the #MSM. The #FakeNews Who is only mad because of all the money that they lost in the world bank organization when they thought Hillary would win so they not only invested money into her campaign will put money into the organizations in which they believe would be the future. Thus when Trump actually won, well they lost lotta money. Who’s fault is that? I know it isn’t mine I’m sure isn’t yours who is reading right now. So in order to make up what they lost they decide to go about this whole Russian narrative. People don’t think that there is actually an illuminati and I will not be want to say whether not there is or isn’t. However, I will say there is always a bad and a good or a Yin and a Yang. These people who do not believe that those who do not belong to the “club” Will do whatever is necessary to take out those in power they don’t believe belong there in the first place. We can look back at history and see these things and whether or not you believe or do not believe. The fact remains many presidents and even candidates who tried to change the way things worked in our government or did not conform to the ways of the military industrial complex. What happened to them all? From Lincoln to John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy , and even Ronald Reagan himself have all been killed or have had their lives attempted such is the case with Ronald Reagan. I will say this with Robert F Kennedy that was an easy one. 12 shots were fired from a six shot 22 caliber bullet. One hits him in the back of the head another the back of the ribs and lastly one in the back of the shoulder. The apprehend the killer was shooting at him from the front, and who happened to be behind him…the #CIA. Why would they kill him you ask? During the Vietnam War Lyndon B. Johnson knew since President Kennedy of something called the pentagon files. The Pentagon files were written during the early stages of the CIA and contain information that basically stated since the French invasion of Vietnam. The conclusion was made that it was a war that could not be won which is also why John F. Kennedy only wanted to send an advisors and never in troops. Robert F. Kennedy knew this information as he was attorney general and of course his brother. The fear in the nation at the time or at least in the White House was that if Robert Kennedy won and became president, which was looking ever more likely, that he would reveal the information in the truth as he promised in his campaign. He stated over and over the Vietnam was a war that we knew we could never win. Unfortunately sometimes these decisions are not even made by the president and when Lyndon B. Johnson found out that Robert was dead I do not think he could actually take the heartbreak as he had a very weak heart already. This leads us to Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon illegally stopped negotiations of peace at a Paris peace accord. When Lyndon B. Johnson asked him this on the phone Richard Nixon said ” no I never did such a thing” knowing he committed treason Nixon stored much of this away along with the Pentagon files after he became president. His “plumbers” were part of many different things. In 1972 two people who do happen to work at a secure facility in California stumbled upon some of this information. After reading it and understanding the report they decided amongst themselves the American public must know. Richard Nixon always being paranoid had his “plumbers” break into not only a dentist office owned by one of the men , but also other places. Finally assuming that it had to be a communist overthrow of some sort he sent his “plumbers” to the democratic National Committee in Washington D.C. unfortunately this time they were caught. Then in 1973 the Pentagon files were released and America was in shock. We had been at war for a cause that we did not know and for people we did not know. Sounds oddly familiar does it not? We knew there was no winning because you cannot be an idea. Ideologies and people who are determined such as those fighting in their own homelands will always find a way to fight back. The movie “Red Dawn” shows exactly what we would do if our homeland was invaded. The fact of the matter is as I’ve stated before history always repeats itself that is inevitable. The only thing that will ever change is the countries, the people run them, and of course the technology in which they deal death with.

Thomas D. Leigh



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