Trump Strikes back… could it lead to a war worse than Syria though? Russia , Iran , Turkey and are we looking at WW3? Update

As our President tells us that he has decided to strike on targets in Syria. We wonder to ourselves, yes this is the moral thing to do. However will it lead to more war? Is this a game if geopolitical chest in which we see who gets put in check first? Can we truly afford to be on half the worlds hate list and are we prepared to go to world war 3? Theses are the questions that those who are around our “nationalist president” and are “globalist” Who whisper we must do this. Do not get me wrong I support my president and always well. I just see that we are not ready , in my opinion that we are ready to go to war. If these countries bind together it will be a world war don’t get it twisted. All soldiers know war is hell. We have seen it for 17 years. However we are America and we do what others do not. That is to help those who cannot Help themselves. We are the one who show the world that no matter where you are. We will find you , help you , liberate you, or KILL YOUR PUNK ASS BASHAR AL-ASSAD. One thing you have to understand about our president, he is a moral man he believes in that and eye for an eye. He’s what you call the definition of a true all American tonight, and if you were to take him back to the 1800s he would take you to a duel. This is basically him telling them I’m not playing anymore and I am not like any other president before. Therefore you best understand this or I’m going to have to show you this. That’s all b!tches. So either get in line and quit messing around with Messing up the worlds economy. Or I guess I’m going to have to go ahead and give y’all spanking. This is the bombs are hitting in Damascus. To end this I would just like to say what he’ll probably likely do if they can or have not already is target but Bashar al-Assad already and kill him. When he is dead then that takes out the main problem of all of the other issues I have described.


update: I was just watching Fox and one of my favorite quotes as I have said often on Twitter is apparently also the Presidents “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”

Great minds think a like



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