If you think this is the end…well think again

As dawn approaches in Syria. The locals can see the damage done by last nights attack , the smoldering ruins of a strike committed by our allies. France , England , and the United States, but do you think that is going to actually be the end of it? Unfortunately what happened last night was morally justifiable. America had to do one what America had to do. Our president was forced to make a decision. Will we sit back and watch and let others commit horrible atrocities in the world while we do nothing? Is that the type of people we are? Yes it is true we should not be the world’s police, but as I have said if not us then who? Yes sometimes we even have to save our enemies. Sometimes it is necessary that we show we are better than those who would sit by idly and let these atrocities take place. When Russia says that it is going to take an action against us. I do not care what the news says even Fox News or anything else. I just do not like the idea of what is still a world power not only being embarrassed in the world view, but having allies like Turkey , And Iran in the region. The escalation could happen very quickly. Then also as I also stated before seeing who can blink first in in this Geo-political warfare game that we have been playing for the last 70 some year. I just fear at some point America is going to end up pissing off too many people at once and not understanding we just cannot face everyone.

Thomas D. Leigh



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