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You know to be quite honest and frank about this award. I really just think it was a phone call I received telling me about how they had heard of me and my “Companies achievements”. How I had been speaking out to the public through various platforms and reaching people who held high end positions in various occupations and was able to achieve all this on my own. Coming from nothing and having nothing and turning it into something. That said I still think it was more or less a scam ( opinion only , not fact ) to get some money out of me and send me a nice little frame and a pat on the back saying ” Hey not too bad kiddo” . Still it does give me something to look at and be a little proud of because even if that is the case. All that is true.  I did indeed start with nothing. Long before Donald Trump was the front runner and around the time everyone said he was not only going to loose but was a laughing stock when his name was brought up I supported him and his run for office. I started a twitter account @IL_Chiraqtruth and now I am up to 15000 of strong MAGA supporters and followers.  I also have over 5000 professional connections and followers on LinkedIn that vary from all different occupations and places in the world. These include members of the Media from Fox News , to The Department of Defense and even the House of Representatives. I am both honored and proud of how far I have come in both my life and professionally. My family is too most of all! To see where I was but a maybe 4 short years ago to now and you wouldn’t even recognize the person in front of you. I have changed in a more profound way than I can explain in words I suppose. Sure I have learned things and put things together that most could not even fathom , but even that in itself is not the true answer for what has happened to me. In truth I have become wiser , more insightful , humble , and even dare I say someone with the gift of foresight? I don’t know honestly what has become of the old me , but I do know he is long and gone. The person who was once all about certain aspects in life is no more. Instead now before you lies a man who is all about unity , justice , and the liberty for all in the world. I see the linear path we are on and unless we astray from this road of destruction we will end up destroying ourselves as a mathematically certainty. Unless we come together just as straight people and forget the boundary lines of countries over the next 50-100 years.  We will end up destroying ourselves. The splitting of the atom in 1945 did two things. It helped end the war, and it gave the power of god and the “big bang” to who should so ever there after possess and develop this technology. Which can be used for both destructive and constructive things. Sadly more often than not we have decided its necessity to be used as the “Biggest Stick of All” has also made it the most dangerous one. One in which we know could is so powerful it could destroy us all with but a handful of them. Where in the past and even in the present we have lived and died by a plan that was used by both friend and foe called “MAD” or Mutually Assured Destruction. I mean seriously what kind of intelligent beans thinks in such ways? Instead of focusing of killing each other off should we not be trying to focus of keeping our planet alive and finding whatever it is that lies out there? Together ? As one people? Just as in the United States where United we are strong but divided we are weak. The same goes for the world. Perhaps one day we can all be one house. For a house divided cannot stand , but a house undivided will remain strong. let us all pray to whatever god for that day! 

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