“Massive Bomb Rocks Istanbul Turkey 🇹🇷”


Another day see yet another massive bombing that affects us not directly but indirectly in the town of Istanbul Turkey. Why does this matter to us you might ask? Well simple answer that is that Vladimir Putin. The President of Russia who was elected recently again for another term. This making it 12 years of him running Russia officially and unofficially with his short gap in 2012 where he had a puppet take his place due to a legality issue in their constitution. Rigged or not it does not matter , elected he has is again. Right now his main focus is on restoring the former Soviet union which includes allies such Iran , Turkey , Syria , and Pakistan. One thing that I agree with on many of our generals and military advisers that opposes Trump’s military plans for the future ( which he usually never says anything in advance which I find highly unusual to say the least so perhaps this is a ploy of his of some kind). However, to pull out of Syria and leave the vacuum open for the Iranians, and Russians as well as for all other militant Islam extremist to fill just like we did with the Obama administration. He knows very well the consequences of those actions. So I say again I wonder if this is some sort of ploy or perhaps a reconsidered thought of which he decided to publicly televise in order to allow the enemy to know and be thinking they will have the ability to move in swiftly on a certain date or around a certain time. I me and it is hard to to conceal the fact that we would still have an army in the area…. then again we are able to do that you would never believe 🤔😳. So what is going to end up happening as they carve up the Middle East like we did at the end of World War II? These are the main and most important questions. In my opinion personally I would say Russia get Syria, the U.S. stays in Iraq and Afghanistan , and we stay at a stalemate for the moment between Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey. The reason why I say this is because the new middle eastern alliances have been drawn up. We have many countries that some said would never come to our aid now on our side. While we are also seeing a rise in Russian influence in the Middle East with the countries I mentioned. So in inclusion I would say to both Donald J. Trump our President to perhaps rethink his ideas on leaving Syria just yet. Do not make the mistakes of the past administration. We have seen what happens when that is done. Most people do not realize that the rise of ISIS was due to “The surge” and how we handle it in Iraq. The only problem was we pulled out too early and the Sunnis and Shite Muslims ,

Who’s history goes back generations, ended up in with what started out as a corrupt political power.


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