David Bocchinos “Trumps Easter Egg”


It was a Happy Easter on the White House Lawn despite a few setbacks that have been plaguing the corner of Wall & Broad. Is Chinese retaliation on tariffs Instituted by the President the cause? Also the Question of DACA and Who is to Blame. Of course there are many causes A mathematical equations to what caused our stock market to plunge sudden and rapidly. There can be no one right answer when it come to this huge bubble pop. Suffice it to say one is overdue. One thing that always remains consistent is that history repeats itself. Different times different people and different technologies, but history always repeats itself if you look at it in the proper perspective. When it comes to illegal immigration I just do not understand how the left and the right work. The left can seemingly get away with murder and often do.Yet the right even when in control can barely lift a finger without getting thrown in jail indicted or at the very least fired. I do not understand the hypocrisy and how it is gotten away with. No other place Advanced country on earth do I know of where such blatant open disregard for intellectuals to have a brain and yet still look at something such as CNN™️ with their stupid commercialism trying to say this is Banana when really it’s an apple or whatever. I do realize that a good proportion of America is no longer sound of the mind, however that does not mean there are not enough of us out here who still do believe in law and order and the American dream. That’s because the “American dream” the leftist socialist/communist are conveying to our children into believing they should grow up into having. Is not only impossible but really rather more irresponsible and naïve thinking more like a child would think. Take for instance universal healthcare. The reason most countries that have universal healthcare are able to have it is that they do not have the population in which we do nor do they have the health care provided that we provide. Why do you think that so many of them come here and pay cash accounts do you have major medical done? There is usually a “cap” on peoples health care over in those countries so that if they do have a major catastrophic problems they are told that it is just unsolvable. Knowing full well that it could be solved those who have the money or the means usually go out of country most to America and find the cure and solution. How do we fix this problem? I have many reasons not to describe what I have and plan for that but also many answers. I believe what I would have to offer could be bipartisan. I call these things #CommonSenseReforms I have many things in which I believe the same could be done for gun control rights groups as well as supporters like me for the second amendment. We have to do is become united as a country because only when united we stand together do we become stronger divided we will all fall. That means that we must stop all the bickering and fighting. That means that we must be able to have a debate and a talk with what I said are #CommonSenseSolutions. Only then can we ensure the survival of our nation and our world through our children and their choices. #TRUTH #RealTalk #MAGA #WatchForTheSigns


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