Chuwi Hi10 brand new tablet GREAT PRICE. (Law Enforcement, Military, DOD Ect #MAGADISCOUNTS)

⬆️ Click link above to go to eBay and purchase the tablet and make sure that if you want your discounts to message me first and we will set up a special purchase with your prices and items that are suited just for you!! I would suggest reading all the way ⬇️ down first and then you can come back up and click the link above🔝 this!!

Chuwi Hi10 tablet just like a Surface pro from windows!!! Even has all the logos and programming such as windows 10!!! Yet is but a portion of the price! 30 money back guarantee 60 day international money back guarantee and you can buy coverage to protect it if you desire just let me know by sending me a message!!!

Now I have some accessories that I can bundle with it as well I will list them here…

If you would like one of these added to one of your tablets let me know and I can add it on for 13.99 or 15.99 by themselves for any color.

Next: what tablet wouldn’t be complete without a wonderful stylist that was made especially for it?


Suitable for:Chuwi Hi13,Surbook,Hi12 Tablet

Can draw, sketch directly on touch screen.

Dual-chip, supports 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, offers more fluent touch feeling.

Automatic sleep function supported, the stylus can enter sleep mode automatically within 60 seconds when it is not in use

With this stylus, you can get the most natural writing experience on touch screen like a real pen.

Package includes:

1 x Stylus

31.99 by themselves unless you are bundling once again and make sure you message me in case you didn’t get the message from earlier no pun intended!!

If you are bundling there are two options one includes were you by not only the tablet but the case as well as this. In that case I will be giving you almost everything at cost just because I’m trying to make a dollar as well as get you to keep coming back to me as a customer that is me being an honest businessman no lie!!! That said message me and we can go ahead and talk about how much the overall price will be but it will be at price with the exception of literally me making may be a dollar. So I will go ahead and say it. The case (of your choice and color) would be 12.99 and the Stylus would be 27.99 if you decided to BUY IT WITH A TABLET, WHICH by the way, I am selling at 244.99. However, as I stated before if you go ahead and message me with proof that you have served in the Armed Forces of any kind or in law-enforcement of any kind I will give you the #MAGADISCOUNT ™️ … just make sure to tell your friends please for real 😳 lol because I will give you the tablet at cost for 209.99 that is me not making a dime on the tablet at all, but rather me giving back for all the freedoms that our troops and police men and women give us each and every day 🇺🇸🤝😊 #TRUTH #FreedomWasNeverFree #ThePriceOfFreedom #HonorAllWhoServed #HonorThoseWhoServe #Oathkeepers #MAGA


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