“To all Vietnam Vets” great LinkedIn members post



#TRUTH #Oathkeepers #HonorAllWhoHaveServed #HonorThoseWhoServe #MAGA #RealTalk

Most do not realize that war does not only do things to the mind , body , and yes the physical structure of your body , but to the soul as well. Forever will it scar you in ways you cannot as a civilian imagine. The movies attempt to portray the truth to the best of their ability, but the honest to god reality is unless you have experienced combat, being shot/shot at , or seeing someone die. It is impossible to understand the feelings that soldiers or people who suffer from “PTSD” suffer from. When you you are literally talking to someone you considered a friend one second, and the next, seeing pieces of their brain matter splattered not only all over the place , but on your face, and as disgusting as it sounds….even in your mouth. This is the truth….keeping it 💯. It can have life long consequences besides the normal things we think of when it comes to the normal things people think of as symptoms of “PTSD”. I am talking things such as smells , foods, especially tastes that all the sudden become sickening to you where as you used to love it. So I will leave with you this thought just like the picture says …” For those who understand no explanation is necessary; For those who don’t understand, no explanation is possible….😔🇺🇸💯”


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