These kids seem to have no idea not only the freedoms they have , but what they are talking about in their gun control nonsense…

I myself have seen someone shot close up more than once. This INCLUDING my best friend at 16 , and I would had been shot if the gun hadn’t had a stove-pipe jam. All the person had to do was pull the slide back and he was able to kill me. Lucky for me the person knew nothing about guns where as I had grown up around them until I was 13. So OK, I realize that they have been through a traumatic event! Would you like me to count how many of my friends that have died over the years? All due to either gunshots, heroin overdoses, stabbings, the list could go on….2x girlfriends, 3 close friends and countless others I’ve known. However , Trumatic events happen daily in this country all over! How many mothers and fathers will bury their children today in Chicago. How many of them will be caught in the crossfire walking home from school? Let me remind you that these are always the ones that are the good kids! The ones who had a bright future! Yet they live in the hood and on their way home from school they end up catching a bullet. All because someone doesn’t know how to use a firearm , shoots and misses. 😔🇺🇸 where is the outcry for these children? Where is the outcry in general for all of those who die at the end of a gun barrel each and every day? They out number those who die in mass shootings all the time! I am pro-Second Amendment. Do you want to really know why? The answer is a very very simple one when the shooter comes in and start shooting up your classroom or whatever else he may or she may start doing who is it that you first call? I’ll go ahead and answer… The police. What did the police carry with them to stop the bad guys? I’ll go ahead and answer that again…A GUN 🤔🙄😳 remember only a good guy with a gun will ever stop a bad guy with a gun. Evil will overcome every single law that we will ever put in the books. I can tell you this from straight experience from my past. You cannot start an idea. It is just like fighting Islamic terrorism, it is an ideology which means when one dies another is there to take the place. How can you beat an idea? You can’t. The only thing you can do is try and come to some form of compromise and live in peace together. In this certain scenario when it comes to gun control I would suggest the President idea of training teachers or at the very least having a armed guard at every single school in America. Not buckets full of stones. Most definitely not taking away our Second Amendment rights. The whole reason if you kids would actually pay attention or if they even offer Civics class the way they did when I was younger for the Second Amendment , is to keep the government in at bay with checks and balances. So it never becomes too powerful. One of many checks and balances that seems to no longer apply sadly in this day and age we are currently living in. I hate to say it I really do, but you kids have been indoctrinated so badly by what I’ve been calling the #IndoctrinationOfObamasNation Oh and please do not hate on me because I voted for him the first time and the second time….. I straight just did not vote! #TRUTH #MAGA #RealTalk #2A #CommonSenseReforms #ResponsibleGunOwners


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