P.A.V.E. (parents against violence everywhere)


#TRUTH #LoveIt #MAGA Would go well with my P.A.V.E. Idea or parents against violence everywhere. A nonprofit Organization I am trying to start up for afterschool kids to go to where they do not have to worry about walking home and catching a stray bullet. While they’re there they can have courses they can get college credit for such as AP courses. Also can just learn and take fun and exciting new programs to keep busy and our youths out of trouble! What differs from my program between the YMCA and P.A.V.E. Would be that I would have a mini bus that would take each student home and walk them to their house as well as picking them up to bring them to the afterschool program. Thus fulfilling our obligation of showing participation to the government for grants as well as keeping our promise of getting those children safely back home because these are going to be in horrible neighborhoods I am from the hood so I know. I want them to have a either off-duty sheriffs or a voluntary carry conceal person on board the bus who can ride with the bus driver and walk the students to the house or apartment building up to their parents. At P.A.V.E. Our motto is “We pave our way to the future with education because knowledge is power!”

#TRUTH #RealTalk #KnowledgeIsPower #CommonSenseReforms #MAGA #UnitedWeStand

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